2022-06-12 Run

Had a wonderful early morning run today; a mixture of road and trail.

Saw a jay, a kestrel, a buzzard flew from a tree just 3 metres in front of me, then perched again as I ran past and wished her a ‘bore da’, and only one human (a rather nasty one, literally screaming at her dog for not behaving completely obediently).

And I thought of the Byron line (paraphrased) “I love not humans the less, but Nature more.”


Map of my run.

2022-05-15 Mindful Run

Usually I run with a Stryd footpod, with my watch telling me when my power level is too high or too low. Today I switched off alerts and tried to run by feel, mindfully; paying attention to my breath, my body, my senses and my surroundings. It was a nice change, and something I will try to do more of.


Map of my run
A map of my run – 6.01KM in 39:09