YesCymru Rally – Talacre

On Saturday June 11th 2022 several local YesCymru groups gathered on the beach at Talacre to raise awareness of the campaign to devolve the Crown Estate.  This was part of a weekend of similar ‘Banners on Beaches’ events throughout Wales organised by YesCymru.

At present, profits from the Crown Estate in Wales go to the UK Treasury, which then gives 25% to the monarchy.  This has been devolved in Scotland, so the profits there go to the Scottish government, but Westminster has rejected requests for the same thing to happen in Wales.  YesCymru is a campaign group for Welsh independence, and having control of the profits from Welsh resources would help to prove that Wales is big enough and rich enough to be an independent nation.

More details are available in this Nation.Cymru article, which includes one of my photos of the event:

YesCymru groups at Talacre lighthouse.

2022-06-12 Run

Had a wonderful early morning run today; a mixture of road and trail.

Saw a jay, a kestrel, a buzzard flew from a tree just 3 metres in front of me, then perched again as I ran past and wished her a ‘bore da’, and only one human (a rather nasty one, literally screaming at her dog for not behaving completely obediently).

And I thought of the Byron line (paraphrased) “I love not humans the less, but Nature more.”


Map of my run.

Book – The Buddha before Buddhism

While I’m waiting for BookWyrm to re-open for new accounts, I thought I’d try posting about the book I recently finished reading here.  I’m still thinking about how best to do this going forward.

Title: The Buddha before Buddhism
Author: Gil Fronsdal
My Rating: ****

2022-05-15 Mindful Run

Usually I run with a Stryd footpod, with my watch telling me when my power level is too high or too low. Today I switched off alerts and tried to run by feel, mindfully; paying attention to my breath, my body, my senses and my surroundings. It was a nice change, and something I will try to do more of.


Map of my run
A map of my run – 6.01KM in 39:09

Welsh Learning Journey

Dw i wedi bod yn dysgu Cymraeg.

I have been learning Welsh for around two years now, and as I approach the end of the Say Something in Welsh course I thought I’d take the time to think about my Welsh learning journey so far, what I’m going to do next, and to write here about what has or hasn’t worked, and share some advice and tips on learning Welsh that may be useful to anyone reading.

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